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Nintendo Switch Lite

Charging Port Replacement

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IPhone 12

Back Glass Only Repair


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Xbox Series X

Hdmi Port & Cleaning Service

Frequent Repairs

A Few Of Our Frequent Repairs

Gaming Computer Performance service

Say goodbye to overheating issues and sluggish performance as we meticulously clean out dust and debris from every nook and cranny of your Computer.


Our skilled technicians will apply fresh, high-quality thermal paste to ensure optimal heat dissipation, allowing your computer to run at peak performance levels.


Experience smoother gameplay, faster load times, and extended longevity for your beloved gaming system. Trust us to keep your computer running like new!

PC Phone Doctor Newton Abbot

Console HDMI Port Repairs

If your Console is experiencing issues with its HDMI port, it may require HDMI port repair. This repair involves fixing or replacing the HDMI port, which is responsible for connecting your console to your TV or monitor.

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Controller Stick Drift Repair

Eliminate controller frustration with our Controller Stick Drift Repair Service. Say goodbye to annoying drift issues that affect your gaming experience. Our skilled technicians swiftly diagnose and repair joystick drift problems, ensuring your controllers function like new. Don't let stick drift disrupt your gameplay—trust our Same-Day Repair Service to get you back in control, enjoying your favorite games with precision and responsiveness.

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I took my ps5 in for hdmi port replacement staff were great, fast service.
Gave some good advice
Highly recommend

Chase Cooper

I broke my phone screen and I am amazed at the outcome of the new one, I've had my phone for a while but now it looks brand new, highly recommend đź‘Ť


Curtis Barker


The guys at PC + Phone doctors are fantastic went in with an extremely slow laptop which also had a bios issues the guys where able to diagnose the issue straight away and installed a new sdd and fixed the inner issues in less than a day friendly fast and willing to help. Thank you so much guys really appreciate your hard work !

Rena Firch